VENUE - COEP Meta Canteen
DATE - 12th to 14th January 2024
Individual (boys and girls-epee, Sebree, foil): Rs 300/-
Team boys -epee, sabre, foil: Rs 450/-
Team girls -epee, sabre, foil: Rs 450/-

Last date of registration: 8th January, 2024



1. Single players can play Max 2 events (epee, foil or epee, Sabre or foil, Sabre)
if participants want to play only a single event, they can play only 1 event.
2. Each individual match will be of five points and Max time limit is 3 min. If match results will not come on the basis of points (e.g., if the final score at the end of 3 min is 4-3) then one who gets 4 points will be the winner.
3. Time limit or point of the final and semi-finals will be increased as per convenience.
4. Referees decision will be final, if, in case of any invalid argument, the player will be disqualified.
5. Team event will be of 15 points and the team can be of 4 members, only 3 can play the match.
6. Bring your own weapons and all the necessary kit.
7. White kit is compulsory for the match.
8. Player should belong to the institute, and keep your college/institute identity with you

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Main Rules

1. Each member of any team should be a student at an Undergraduate college and a Postgraduate (age should not be more than 25 no complete PG students team allowed maximum of PG students in the team are restricted to 3).
2. Team will be discarded if mentioned rules are not followed
3. If the PG Students limit is exceeded team will be disqualified on the spot
4. Referee’s decision is final and mandatory for all.
5. The participants must bring a Valid Original college ID card of the current year (with a college stamp on it), no one is entertained without a college ID card (must be of the current year) bring your original fee receipt slip with college stamp and the sign of the concerned faculty with their name of corresponding college(mandatory) on it.
6. Misbehaviour of any player with the organizing team, faculties, referees, or other participating teams may lead to the disqualification of his/her participation or the whole team.
7. There should be at least 4 teams from different colleges participating in any event format to avail of the cash prize.
8. Prize money AND Positions will be reduced in case of lesser participation. (Less than 10)
9. NO REFUND will be given under any circumstances except less than 4 teams (for team event)/individual (for non-team event) registrations by 8th January 2024
10. ZEST’24 reserves all rights to limit maximum participation in the particular event.

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Harshada : 9130197814
Aditya : 9356606727
Siddhant : 9922866860