College of Engineering Pune(COEP) is one of the most prestigious and well reputed institutes of India. It was established in 1854 making it the 3rd oldest college in India. The institute and its place have a long and glorious historic background.

COEP not only strives to better itself but also takes initiatives to help and improve other universities around. COEP has connections with nearby universities and institutes common both at the National as well as International levels to enhance research, enrich the educational programs and to strengthen sports integrity. We are surrounded by numerous clubs to put forward extra-curricular opportunities along with engineering. These clubs provide the students with opportunities to realise their potential and exchange their ideas with working professionals and their peers. Here, there is something for everyone! COEP has a sports spectate called ZEST, full of enthusiasm, excitement and enjoyment. ZEST has successfully completed 19 editions and looking forward to the grand 20th edition. This is a sport fest that goes on for 4 days with 195+ colleges taking part and having more than 5000 participants and 25,000+ audiences with millions of emotions and memorable experience. As sports is not only for students, ZEST conducts flagship events like Marathon, Cyclothon and corporate events for participants of all age groups. ZEST also conducts self defence workshop for women in 7 major cities of Maharashtra. The craze and obsession for sports in our country is at its pinnacle which guarantees ZEST a healthy footfall as compared to other events and this in turn results in a greater number of eyeballs which is beneficial for our patrons and sponsors.