About Our Theme

We all are in a world full of magicians and their magic feels real because very few are capable of what they do. To unlock the mystery behind the sporting achievements that might seem unimaginable to everyone, ZEST'22 team is here with this year's theme "SPORTING ALCHEMIST" for its 20th edition. Alchemists are ones who transform themselves into something extraordinary and it's their sheer grit and passion that helps them to achieve greater heights.

They bring beauty and virtues to sport that just doesn't highlight their own performance but enlivens the very idea of sports in the universe.
We at ZEST, believe that it is not just about how certain player excels at a sport, but also about how that excellence breeds magic for the global stage.

So be ready to pull the curtains from the mysteries of the seemingly magical feats that great sportspersons have reached. ZEST'22 will show you how the hidden Alchemist behind each one of them came to life.