General Rules

  • Rules :
  • 1. Each member of the team should be a student of an Engineering College.
    2. Referee's decision would be final and mandatory for all.
    3. Eligibility criteria: Participants born after 1st January 1994 will be eligible.
    4. The Participants must bring the following documents:
            i) Valid college ID card (with stamp on it).
            ii) Any National ID with birth date.
            iii) Bonafide signed and stamped by the College Principal on college letterhead.
            iv) Fee receipt of current year.
            v) A letter from the college acknowledging participation.

    5. Document verification is the last step for confirmation of registration of team/player.
    6. Any fault in document verification would lead to disqualification of team/player.
    7. The Team should have names of all participants on the college letterhead with the signature of Director, acknowledging their participation.
    8. Any misbehavior by the player may lead to cancellation of his/her college's entry.
    9. All the participants must be present on the ground at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time.
    10.DISCLAIMER: Prize money awarded is subject to registration numbers being tenable to organizers requirements. If there are less than three teams participating in an event, no prize money shall be distributed. If there are between 3 to 5 teams registering, only one cash prize will be distributed. These terms are final and binding, and agreement to these is implicit when you register.
    11. All final rights are reserved with the organizing team.

    Before registration, please go through the Rulebook.

    NOTE: For sport specific rules, click on 'Rulebook'.