ZEST has been an example for providing a great platform to all the players around the country. We, at ZEST constantly strive towards the satisfaction of each sportsperson. We shall leave no stone unturned in fulfilling the needs of a secure accommodation away from home. We strive to make your stay comfortable and your experience, a memorable one.

Fee Structure

1.The accommodation is available from 8:00 pm, 23rd January to 9:00 pm, 27th January. (From 14th January For Cricket)
2. The accommodation charges per individual per day is Rs. 275/- (Inclusive of all charges)
3.A refundable deposit of Rs. 200 /- will have to be paid before the procurement of the room by every individual.

Facilities Provided:

Each individual will be provided with:
1.   Wi-Fi Service
2.   Welcome kit
3.  One-time meal (lunch or dinner)
4.  1 Bed, Bedsheet, Blanket sheet
  Each room will be provided with:
1.  One ceiling fan, Tube lights
2.  Lock and key
3.  Bucket and Mug


1.   Students willing to avail accommodation facilities must carry:
*   Registration receipt (Accommodation Registration)
*   College identity cards
*   Passport size photo

2.   Entry will be through COEP Hostel Main Gate only after producing your ticket ID, after which you will be given an accommodation ID card.
3.   Students from outside college are not allowed to stay with COEP Hostel friends in their rooms during ZEST.
If any such misconduct is found, strict action will be taken against both the student as well as their college team and may lead to disqualification of all teams of the college.
4.   Any student not having the accommodation receipt is not allowed to stay in COEP Hostel.
5.   Activities like smoking, drinking, loud music, noise, arguments with co-ordinators, fighting etc will not be tolerated in the COEP Hostel Campus. If found, then the student as well as all team members from his/her college will be disqualified, accommodation will be cancelled and deposit will not be refunded.
6.   Hostel gates open at 5:30 am and close at 11:30 pm (9:00 pm for girls). Coming in or going out between 11:30 pm and 5:00 am will not be allowed.
7.   All students are required to maintain decorum and cleanliness of the Hostel Campus, and follow the rules of the Hostel Campus.
8.   COEP or Zest organising team will not be responsible for any mishaps that occur through the duration of stay.


For 2 days: Rs. 260 /- per day
For 3 days: Rs. 255 /- per day
For 4 days: Rs. 250 /- per day


For further details/queries, email us at -
Bhushan Pisal +91 84460 66952
Rohit Saudagar +91 99753 50477

I accept all the rules mentioned above.