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ZEST is COEP’s Annual National Level Inter-Engineering Sports Meet organised in the month of January. The Sports festival organised by COEP commenced in the year 2003 and there began an era of Sports, an era of excitement, thrill and energy, an era of ZEST. Over the years, ZEST has become nation’s one of the biggest and most awaited sports festival for all the athletes-engineers. Now in its fourteenth edition, ZEST’16 is scheduled on 23rd to 26th January 2016 and it will consist of 41 events, divided over 7 modules.

ZEST is one of the 24 strengths possessed by humanity. As a component of the virtue of courage, ZEST is defined as living life with a sense of excitement, anticipation, and energy. Approaching life as an adventure; such that one has “motivation in challenging situations or tasks” signifies ZEST. The tagline – “Where victory is the only vice…” motivates us to become victorious in our life with energy, excitement i.e. with ZEST.

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Hope play, inspire, unite

December 10 ,2016

One could say that ZEST ’17 is about exalting and embellishing the sports it involves. In a way, this would not be that far from the truth. One could also say that ZEST ’17 is about the show; the spectacle; the visceral entertainment that appeals to the primal winning instincts dormant in all of us. This too would not be far from the truth. But, the real truth, as we all know, is much more nuanced. The theme this year is ‘Hope : Play. Inspire. Unite.
The 21st century of modern human society presents us with a bleak picture of what could be.War and turmoil are rampant.Relations between races, religions, and various groups are strained – and the rope is about to snap. Political instability and international trust issues abound. But, no matter how grim our future prospects seem, we will always have hope.Hope represents the ability of man to take a beating and get back up, time and time again, and still look forward to a brighter tomorrow. And thus, the complete truth is as such: ZEST ’17, extolling the values of hope in the darkest of times and using the primeval medium of sport to transcend barriers of upbringing, language, and ideologies, captures the essence of being human.


khel khel me

december 11,2016

1) What’s all the racquet about ? : Cheesy, over-the-top Chinese action movies say this, among other such nuggets of mystic advice : ‘Expect the unexpected’. Clearly they haven’t been practicing what they preach, because China did not expect P.V Sindhu to be as inconquerable as she was in the Chinese Super Series. The Chinese denied her manager a Visa, so she denied them the win. Seizing the title with a fire matched by none, she was truly a rampaging bull in a China shop !

2) Hurray for Murray ( Or as England says : ‘At least we have Tennis’): England, notorious for colonization, bland cuisine, and stupid political decisions, seems to have found an evangelical force to combat the perception that the English can’t play sports, and his name is Andy Murray. After beating Djokovic and retaining his No.1 position at the ATP World Tour final, Eye-witness reports state that Murray was recently seen getting his measurements taken for his new crown and throne at the top of the Tennis world. These reports may not be entirely accurate, but we’ll take them anyway.This is hard-hitting journalism, after all.

3) Bend it like Beckham, Jockey like Jesus We all know Jesus could turn water into wine. But did you know he could play football too? Brazil’s latest young star, Gabriel Jesus, may have a theologically redundant name, but he sure as hell can play ! Leading the Brazilian team to a 2-0 victory over their annoying little brother Peru, he truly played like the Messiah reborn !

4) Pre-match boozing + football = A dull match : All is not well in the party capital of India. The recent FC Goa v. FC Mumbai-City ISL match and the listless 0-0 draw that resulted was at the crux of this trouble in paradise. What happened? Well, my advice, would be to not ask the fans that watched. Let’s just say, The Mumbai team came, The Mumbai team saw ( lots of fenny), The Mumbai team (probably) got sloshed on Vashem beach. I’m sure you can guess the rest.

- Gaurav Rajeev