About Us

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About ZEST

Ranked 5th best across the country, Zest, organized by College of Engineering, Pune is entering its 17th edition of sports extravaganza. With athletes from over 150+ colleges coming to showcase their talents, Zest is a platform for the Ultimate Championship Brawl. It features over 30 indoor and outdoor events along with the newly added Squash, Fencing and Archery. With all the upcoming action, get ready to feel the heat!!!

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A Preview

College of Engineering, Pune, the third oldest centre of technical education in Asia, has always been known to be an institution that inculcates the spirit of pursuing excellence in all those that pass through its hallowed halls. So too has it been in the case of our Sports Festival, ZEST. With lofty ambitions such as this, the pressure to deliver has only grown. ZEST has always been, and will always continue to be, the ultimate destination for collegiate athletes!

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ZEST'19 Theme

For all the efforts athletes put in, they do deserve recognition. Especially, the ones who've unfortunately been rendered disabled. This year, we at Zest '19, aim to widen our exposure towards the same, with the theme - Transcending Boundaries. Through our perfect platform and widespread reach, we ensure the performance and effort bar is set high, and inspire thousands of athletes to believe, despite the odds.